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The Secret to Winning at Online Poker

Online poker is all about beating your opponents and not always about having the best hand at the table. When you have a huge chip stack, you can bully other players even if you have a suited 3 4 and they have a pair of queens. If the flop has an ace, you can often muscle players right off their hands and scoop up their chips time after time.

The Power of the Ace

When an ace hits the flop, you have an opportunity to be able to win more pots if you know what to look for. When you are in a hand where a few players limp in, chances are very good neither of them have an ace. Even if they limped in with a pair, if the board drops an ace, they immediately begin to panic. It doesn't matter what two cards you have, if you start to represent that you have an ace, the others will quickly fall. The key here is betting big enough that you scare off those chasing a flush or straight. If you scoop these type pots all day, your account could fill up with chips quite easily.

Scaring Off Other Players

Nothing intimidates other players more than going up against a loose cannon. The way that you portray yourself as this loose cannon is to flash the bluff when you bully a pot, move all your chips into the pot before the flop, and by raising the ante and blinds every hand. When the others players can not predict what cards you might be representing, you become very dangerous. They do not want to keep giving away their chips so they often get out of hands you are involved in quickly, then wait to fight against you when they have a better hand. You may click on situs poker online for more info.

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